About NIE, Ltd.

Naing International Enterprises (NIE, Ltd.) is an international real estate brokerage and services firm founded
in 1979 by Richard W. Naing.

A Reputation for Site Selection and Anticipating Market Demand

NIE prides itself on its reputation for site selection, finding overlooked opportunities and transforming them into highly profitable ventures for our clients. Our team has demonstrated an ability to anticipate market shifts and development trends, however our main focus is building and maintaining lasting relationships
with our clients.

Real Estate Investment Services

NIE is a vertically integrated brokerage firm that provides complete services in investment counseling for all aspects of real estate including equity sourcing and placement. We have provided equity for our clients for the acquisition of existing properties, development projects, and capital raising that range from $1M - $50M check sizes in and around the US. In addition to accessing international funds, NIE assembles equity interests from institutional and private investors.  Our ability to access capital, gives our clients the flexibility to work on innovative projects that they would otherwise be unable to given the markets financial hurdles. 

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