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Investment Management Opportunities

NIE seeks to deliver investment solutions across real assets categories, geographies, risk profiles and execution formats enabling our clients, investors and communities thrive. 

Tall Buildings

NIE's focus is on delivering results driven by our values, entrepreneurial spirit and our clients’ diverse needs.  
Together, our team specializes in a holistic approach with real assets solutions within and across six investment categories, with a distinct approach to driving performance and long-term value.

NIE is unique to see investment management through the position of real estate and infrastructure investors providing the expertise to deliver on all aspects of an investment’s lifecycle. Our capability and flexibility to work with the best-in-class service providers gives us the full understanding spectrum. From designing portfolio strategies, investing capital and operating assets, allows us to optimize our clients realized returns. This integration allows us to align clients’ investment objectives with users’ needs across our portfolio and our sector specialties.

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